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Title: The House of Marley, 1Love and Little Kids Rock Help Raise $800,000!

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Excerpt: While the stars of the rock ‘n’ roll world shined brightly at the 2012 Right to Rock gala, an event celebrating the ten year anniversary of Little Kids Rock, it was the children who shined the brightest. The event, sponsored by the House of Marley and 1Love, saw children from schools benefited by Little Kids Rock playing in front of a packed Manhattan Center Ballroom, and rocking the house like pros.

Excerpt: Many fans in attendance knew how attendees Elvis Costello, Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello and Little Steven Van Zandt could swing an axe, but the smaller performers displayed a musical prowess beyond their years. Proving why musical education is so important for children, the extremely gracious audience was in awe, contributing over $800,000 through live and silent auctions to Little Kids Rock.

Title: Earth-friendly electronics with a Bob Marley message

source:sf chronicle

Excerpt: Sunday night at a press preview at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show here in Las Vegas, the son of the late Bob Marley was on hand to promote a line of headphones and speaker systems that are supposed to embody the “earth-friendly” message and life of the late reggae legend.

Excerpt: “We don’t fall into the celebrity movement, we’re more in the sustainability movement,” he said. “This is what I interpret my father’s message as, the ideals and responsibilities of life and how we see the earth.”

Excerpt: Five percent of the House of Marley’s profits go to, a non-profit group supported by the Marley family that helps raise funds for various causes, such as building a school in Uganda or buying musical instruments for disadvantaged schools.

“There’s nothing wrong with being an innovator,” Rohan Marley said. “But how do you innovate, are you just destroying the place or are you protecting the place?”

Title: The House of Marley Named Official Headphone Sponsor of Jingle Ball

source:pr newswire

Excerpt: The House of Marley, a collection of premium quality, eco-friendly personal audio products, has been named the Official Headphone Sponsor of Z100's Jingle Ball New York and KIIS-FM's Jingle Ball Los Angeles.  Two of the biggest concerts of the year and the most anticipated music events of the holiday season, the full range of MARLEY headphones and sneak previews of soon-to-be-released MARLEY speakers and docks will be showcased to Jingle Ball fans, artists and VIPs on both coasts.

Excerpt: In addition to having access to the backstage Artist Gift Lounges at both events, The House of Marley will give consumers a chance to feel and hear the love of the new eco-friendly MARLEY personal audio gear at special pre-show experiences. Prior to the big show in Los Angeles, fans can join the MARLEY movement at KIIS-FMs Jingle Ball Village where the MARLEY Satisfy Your Soul Tour Van will offer fans the chance to check out the new range of MARLEY headphones, engage in music mash-ups, and record a video singing their own version of a classic Marley song all from a fully restored MARLEY-inspired 1958 VW van. Jingle Ball Village features free concert performances, a live broadcast, free carnival rides, artist meet and greets, ticket upgrades, and more. The KIIS-FM Jingle Ball Village at L.A. Live opens at 12pm.

Excerpt: The House of Marley will also be a featured booth at the action-packed Z100 & Coca Cola's All Access Lounge. The free, pre-concert event will include performances by Z100 artists and meet & greets with fan favorites. The free indoor festival will feature music as well as interactive displays from The House of Marley and some of today's hottest brands and products. The event will take place from 12 – 6 p.m. ET at Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W. 34th St, New York, NY and will welcome fans of all ages.

Title: The Bob Marley brand: recyling lyrics to sell headphones and coffee

Excerpt: Bob Marley was a superstar and a revolutionary whose music circled the globe. Now he’s a brand. On Monday night, I attended the Canadian launch of the House of Marley’s new headphone line, a collection of eco-friendly products with names like Soul Rebel, Revolution, Conquerer, Positive Vibrations, Zion and Trenchtown Rock—which are sponsored by Future Shop. The House of Marley? Yes. It was created by the late singer’s family as a commercial enterprise to market merchandise under his name and siphon some of the revenues to charitable causes via an organization called pitch: “eco-conscious, innovative products that adhere to the Marley family core values: equality, unity authenticity.”

Excerpt: For purists, it may be sacrilege to see such a revered song catalogue cannibalized to create consumer labels. But Rohan pointed out that the Marley family became weary of seeing Bob’s image constantly pirated on unlicensed products. It was time for the family to own his legacy. Getting such a huge and disparate clan on board behind a single brand could not have been easy. Ziggy and Damian Marley, who have their own music careers, are not actively promoting the House of Marley, but Rohan says they are behind it.

Excerpt: So at least the marketing appears to be making a sincere attempt to honour Bob’s spirit—even if he could never have imagined that ‘Stir it up’ would be used to sell a bag of coffee with his name on it.

Title: Headphones Compared

source:sound and vision

Excerpt: Only Brent picked these as his favorite. Lauren and I picked them second, and Will, third. That consistency and the lack of any significant vices gets the Exodus into our top spot. They're distinctive looking, but not blatantly so. They're tied with the Aviators as the cheapest in this roundup as well.

Excerpt: Brent perhaps put it best, saying, "I have not the slightest complaint about the sound of these," following that with "they are excellent," and that these were the only ones that " sounded right on Olive’s “Falling.” He liked the bass-to-treble balance, the tight but reasonably full bass response, the clean and natural mids, and the smooth highs. To him they sounded like a good set of professional headphones.

Excerpt: The Exodus look cool, sound great, and aren't too expensive.


Title: Bob Marley's one love movement

Description: Rohan and Julian Marley discuss One Love

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