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In Dub

Album Title: In Dub

Year: 2010

In Dub Vol. 1 is the first in a series of collections of classic, rare and new dub excursions in the Bob Marley & The Wailers catalog.  The release features 10 classic dub remixes (most previously unavailable on album) and a newly crafted dub of “Lively Up Your Dub,” exclusive to this package, by foundation dub mix engineer Scientist.

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Album Title: Marley

Year: 2012

MARLEY, Grammy nominated for “Best Compilation Soundrack", is the integral companion piece to the film and features music spanning Bob Marley’s entire career, from his ska roots to the reggae classics that launched him to world superstardom. This 24 track, 2CD collection also includes live performances and rare studio recordings featured in the documentary including a previously unreleased performance of “Jammin’” from the historic 1978 One Love Peace Concert available only on MARLEY.

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Live Forever

Album Title: Live Forever

Year: 2011

Recorded 30 years ago while Marley was touring in support of his album Uprising, Live Forever is Bob Marley's last recorded concert. This never before released audio collection offers an incredible snapshot of one of music's most influential performers

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Album Title: Legend

Year: 1984

The greatest hits collection of Bob Marley and the Wailers. After its release, it became the best selling reggae album of all time with sales of more than 20 million copies.

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Songs Of Freedom

Album Title: Songs Of Freedom

Year: 1992

SONGS OF FREEDOM is exhaustive and beautifully packaged. It is loaded with previously unreleased material, songs from the Ska years, the late-60's Lee Perry productions, and all of the highlights of the Island years. There are extended versions of famous singles like "Exodus" and "Jammin'" so that we can hear dub aspects of the music that only Jamaicans and hardcore fans were previously aware of.

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Album Title: Legend REMIXED

Year: 2013

For the first time, BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILERS' iconic 1984 album, LEGEND, is re-imagined for LEGEND REMIXED, an inspired new spin on the reggae classic. LEGEND's 16 tracks have been remixed by top DJs/producers. Included in this the cohesive new set are tracks by ten time Grammy winner Stephen Marley, Pretty Lights, Thievery Corporation, Jason Bentley, Z-Trip with Lee "Scratch" Perry, Photek, My Morning Jacket's Jim James, Roni Size, RAC, Beats Antique, Nickodemus & Zeb, as well as a new rendition remix of "Redemption Song" by five-time Grammy Award winning reggae artist, Ziggy Marley.

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B Is For Bob

Album Title: B Is For Bob

Year: 2009

B is for Bob is a collection of original Bob Marley songs re-imagined for kids and fans of all ages!! The international musical legend's eldest son, four-time Grammy winner Ziggy Marley, executive produced the album, which bridges the gap between the timeless Bob Marley and a new generation of kids. Bob Marley's music touches people of all ages. With children in mind, Ziggy has transformed 8 of his father's songs while leaving 4 of Bob Marley's other masterpieces untouched.

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Africa Unite

Album Title: Africa Unite

Year: 2005

Twenty-track compilation shares eleven songs with Legend, dropping "Stir It Up," "Redemption Song" and "Satisfy My Soul" in favor of tracks recorded before Marley was signed to Island, like "Soul Rebel" and "Trenchtown Rock." It also includes the previously unreleased "Slogans," thought to have been recorded by Marley in a Miami bedroom in 1979, with overdubbed guitar noodling by Eric Clapton.

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One Love

Album Title: One Love

Year: 2001

This 20-track collection contains the great bulk of that classic compilation, but where that album has its own internal logic -- one of the reasons it is undeniably a classic compilation -- this devotes itself to a chronological spin through Marley's catalog, containing almost every song on that record.

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Talkin' Blues

Album Title: Talkin' Blues

Year: 1991

The seven tracks taken from the Wailers' legendary October 1973 radio broadcast on KSAN, in San Francisco, are sufficient cause to celebrate. These vintage, deliciously raw performances, which feature Tosh and noted Jamaican vocalist Joe Higgs (subbing for Bunny Wailer, who had just quit the band), are as vital as those on the epochal 1975 album Live! and capture Marley's riddim rebellion at a critical juncture, just as he began to take Babylon by storm.

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Rebel Music

Album Title: Rebel Music

Year: 1986

REBEL MUSIC is a collection of Marley's songs that simultaneously speaks of the oppressed masses and calls for justice. All this was accomplished with the help of a select group of crack musicians including the I-Threes (whose harmonies are prominent in the title track) and the Barrett Brothers rhythm section, who soldiered on after the departures of Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Along with the surprisingly upbeat title track, REBEL MUSIC is made complete with a live version of "Get Up, Stand Up," the quintessential protest song.

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Album Title: Confrontation

Year: 1983

A posthumous collection produced by Rita Marley, based on work left behind by Bob upon his death. Some of his best post-Wailers work is here, with songs like "Buffalo Soldier," "Chant Down Babylon," and "Blackman Redemption." Given that he wasn't alive to do the production that he usually helped in, this album seems remarkably true to the general vision of Bob Marley's albums.

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Album Title: Uprising

Year: 1980

Uprising would be the final studio album featuring Bob Marley & the Wailers to be released during Marley's lifetime. Prophetically, it also contains some of the band's finest crafted material, as if they were cogent that this would be their final outing. The album's blend of religious and secular themes likewise creates a very powerful and singular quest for spirituality in a material world.

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Album Title: Survival

Year: 1979

Containing what is considered Marley's most defiant and politically charged statement to date, Survival concerns itself with the expressed solidarity of not only Africa, but of humanity at large. The album was controversial right down to the jacket, which contains a crude schematic of the stowage compartment of a typical transatlantic slave ship. Survival is intended as a wake-up call for everyman to resist and fight oppression in all of its insidious forms.

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Album Title: Kaya

Year: 1978

Packaged with the original artwork, Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition will come with a 23-page booklet that includes lyrics, rare photos, plus extensive liner notes. As a bonus, the Kaya: 35th Anniversary Deluxe Edition also includes the non-LP track "Smile Jamaica," which was originally released as the B-side to "Satisfy My Soul" and was written for the people of Jamaica after the assassination attempt on Marley's life at the Smile Jamaica unity concert in 1976. Disc two features the rare, unreleased audio recording of a sold out performance at Ahoy Hallen in Rotterdam, Netherlands on July 7, 1978. It had originally been planned to be released with the Babylon By Bus album but was never released.

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Babylon By Bus

Album Title: Babylon By Bus

Year: 1978

Arguably the most influential live reggae album ever, Babylon by Bus captures Bob Marley and the Wailers during the European leg of their Kaya tour in the spring of 1978. The success of this set was not entirely unexpected, however. If the universal and widespread acclaim of LIVE! - their first concert recording - was an indicator, all involved knew that a Bob Marley & the Wailers performance contained unique energies and a vibe all of its own.

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Album Title: Exodus

Year: 1977

Recorded in London following an attempt on his life, Exodus shows Bob Marley mellowing a bit. Despite some powerful political tracks, Marley adopts a less fiery, more reflective approach than his previous outings. Still, it's hard to find reggae as good as this.

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Rastaman Vibration

Album Title: Rastaman Vibration

Year: 1976

Upon completing the tour, Marley and his band returned to Jamaica, laying down the tracks for Rastaman Vibration (1976) at legendary studios run by Harry Johnson and Joe Gibbs. At the mixing board for the sessions were Sylvan Morris and Errol Thompson, Jamaican engineers of the highest caliber.

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Bob Marley And The Wailers Live!

Album Title: Bob Marley And The Wailers Live!

Year: 1975

As the title implies, this is indeed Bob Marley & the Wailers captured in performance at the Lyceum Ballroom in London during the final U.K. leg of the Natty Dread tour. Passionate and symbiotic energies constantly cycle between the band and audience, the net result of which is one of the most memorable concert recordings of the pop music era.

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Natty Dread

Album Title: Natty Dread

Year: 1974

A reggae classic and cover staple, what Natty Dread evinces is Marley's remarkable musical control. "Lively Yourself Up" is cool and stripped down -- every guitar note and percussive shake seems necessary.

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African Herbsman

Album Title: African Herbsman

Year: 1973

To Bob Marley's emotionally charged music and lyrics, add the tight riddims and harmonies of the Wailers and then put all of that talent into the ceaselessly creative hands of production wizard Lee "Scratch" Perry.

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Catch A Fire

Album Title: Catch A Fire

Year: 1973

Catch a Fire was the major label debut for Bob Marley and the Wailers, and it was an international success upon its release in 1973. Although Bob Marley may have been the main voice, every member of the Wailers made valuable contributions and they were never more united in their vision and sound. All the songs were originals, and the instrumentation was minimalistic in order to bring out the passionate, often politically charged lyrics.

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Album Title: Burnin'

Year: 1973

The Wailers' fourth album overall, Burnin', was their second for Island Records, released only six months after its predecessor, Catch a Fire. Given that speed, it's not surprising that several tracks -- "Put It On," "Small Axe," and "Duppy Conqueror" -- are re-recordings of songs dating back a few years.

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Soul Rebels

Album Title: Soul Rebels

Year: 1970

Released in 1970, marked the beginning of a new era for the Wailers. It was the first album to be released under the name "Bob Marley & the Wailers", even though the trio had been releasing singles for over five years.

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