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On Lyrics

Reggae music is always there now but the thing that makes our music so important is the lyrics I tink. Yes tis necessary to understand the lyrics ya know it has meaning to it but because some people...some people understand the words ya know some people never go through them situation so but [unclear] are the world so far masters of the people so far this music comes from the masters of the people ya know...

No Hero

Question: "Bob how do you feel being a third world hero?"

BM: "Third world hero? No man we don't need a hero. Really. Hero. No Hero. True true. No hero."

Jamaica Movement

"Yeah well we know that over a period of time, you know, whatever struggles are going on here in Jamaica or over there. Black people need to come together right so we...we figure by starting we're starting in Jamaica and it will spread know that know only we can come together is to promote Rastafari Jamaica is that place where the rasta man like orginate from so the move will have to start from Jamaica."


"Cannabis you know, we use herb. Herb is the healing of the nation. Like oh how call it is the destruction of mankind. Herb is the healing of the nation. The more you accept herb is the more you accept Rastafari, you dig, what I say we who accept herb. Herb is not.. herb is important but herb is more important to the people who don't accept it yet because that is the reality. I mean it's not something that I'm um something that you crave but it's like it's an essence itself herb. Herb is a plant I mean herb's so good for everything why why these people want do so much good for everyone who call themselves governments and this and that why them say you must not use the herb? you see? And we take that we cannot find and them just say no you mustn't use it you mustn't use it because it make you rebel... against what?"


"See everywhere is about people struggle for their free for rights in everyones life thats our struggle, right? One thing we need is the direction because no one can change it. What direction we need. We need direction towards our own self I mean find our self that god live in a man...Rastafari is god. So if we want to fight we fight in the name of Rastafari. I mean and then when the change comes it won't be a change because some people for judge some people a deal with god."


"Music.. group and get together. While Marcus and everything wants you know. Cause you know.. music is music. If you want to play music, then you can play music. If you have a feel who you want to play music with then you can play music, ya nah mean."

Music is family

"Speak to all the children. Speak to everything that move it and live it upon the earth. All of my family are music."

Live Among

"When the man or I wanna live amongst music. It's the music.. Music ah.. a godly thing, you know. There's some that live amongst pountry not country. Live amongst such bad people meet a long time and say good man ya know uncle Ness, how you do? God bless him his son, me live amongst them people, me live amongst people who get up on cause cause everyday. Somehow it is a Rasta from creation.. Says Rasta is a world thing. It is not an influence. Rasta everything everything of anything me no gwan but everything them, Oh Rasta the first.."

On Education

"Never knew my father, my mother work hard that she learn a way for keep me at school right. We don't have education, we have inspiration. If I was educated I would be a damn fool."

On Religion

"I don't have a religion you know I am what I am you know. And I am a rastaman, so religion, is not, this is not religion, this is the life."

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